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Let’s make this a live community full with 60s amazing stories and sounds from all over the world.
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Sunday 6 January 2013

The Knacks - Devil Girl (1966 Athens, Greece)

Dear Friends hi,

After a lot time of absence, I return back with a real Garage-Punk from 1966 from Athens, Greece.
It has a slow pace turning it into a very fast one !!!
This is a worldwide mentioning track from a very good and not well known group by very young boys

Wednesday 21 September 2011

My Mind Goes High

This time we continue our trip into the 60s with a very nice compilation of psycehedelia from the USA, mostly from West Coast Bands.

Here you will find bands and songs that are rare, but also more known bands and songs, and even more commercial bands like The Monkees or The Association who were influenced by this scene.

Nice melodies & tunes, and good performances are the strogest elements of this compilation. Maybe you will not find so obscure tunes like in other similar compilations, but in this one you can dig the sound of this 60s era. For sure it worths to be in evert collector's personal collection.

Here follows a list with all Bands and Tracks:

1. Hallucinations - Knight, Baker & The Knightmares
2. It`s Love - Misty Wizards
3. Break Away - Next Exit
4. Looking At A Baby - Collectors
5. Her Name Is Melody - Pride, Adrian
6. Pandora`s Golden Heebie Jeebies - Association
7. Lantern Gospel - World Column
8. Who Planted Thorns In Miss Alice`s Garden - Northcott, Tom
9. Man Of Straw - Wonderling, John
10. White Pony - Marguiles, Ellen
11. Straight Aero - Thomas, Jeff
12. My Mind Goes High - MC2
13. Hell Will Take Care Of Her - Brass Buttons
14. Lucifer - Salt
15. Strangers From The Sky - Fowley, Kim
16. Antique Doll - Electric Prunes
17. Astrologically Incompatible - Bonniwell Music Machine
18. How Nice - Tokens
19. Sign Of The Queen - Harrison, Noel
20. That`s The Way It`s Gonna Be - Mallory, Lee
21. House Of Glass - Glass Family
22. Wildflowers - Holy Mackerel
23. Porpoise Song - Monkees
24. Smell Of Incense - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Download here

Sunday 27 February 2011

The Nickel Bag - The Woods, 1966

The Nickel Bag - The Woods, 1966

The Nickel Bag (ex Night Owls)

Wednesday 23 February 2011

The Five Canadians - Writing On The Wall

Dear Friends,

Let me present you an all time classic by the Texans Five Canadians - Writing On The Wall.
Pure garage sound with snotty vocals and right tunes of farfisa.

Download here

Friday 7 January 2011

Wind and Sea by the Sunsets

Dear Friends Happy New Year !!!

Let's start this year witth a very nice Surf Tune: Wind and Sea by the Sunsets (Australia)

This Novocastrian combo originally gigged as the Strangers (not to be confused with the Melbourne group of the same name) in 1964 playing Surf music, sometime later they retitled themselves as The 4 Strangers and had an instrumental release on the Astor label in late ’64, before showing their true indentity around a year later with another release on the Festival label.
Another name change came about in late ’65 when radio station 2HD ran a competition for people to choose another name, the winning name was of course The Sunsets.
Pigeonholed as a surf band due to music that they provided for the film “A Life in the Sun”, this disc sold incredibly well – their style was raw r’n'b!
Around May ’67 they did a three month residency at Digby’s nightspot on the Gold Coast, it is here that they were influnece by other styles of music and probably drugs too. With these new influences they moved to Sydney again around Sept 1967 and became Tamam Shud. Bass player Eric Connell being disappointed that the group moved away from the r’n'b style that they had embraced for three years previously duely left.

Band Members
Lindsay Bjerre – vocals & rhythm guitar
Alex “Zack” Zytnik- lead guitar
Dannie Davidson – drums
Eric Connell – bass

Saturday 11 September 2010

Wild Thing - We Five (1966)

Dear friends hi,

For today I have for you one of the wildest covers of the Toggs classic hit Wild Thing. I believe thtat this version is one of the rawest I ever heard.
This cover is from The We Five from 1966 hailing from Athens, Greece.
This song was recorded in a theatre where the We Five performed live with audience for a radio show. So practically this is almost a live appearance showing the real capablities of the the "first Greek Super Group". This version has a very garage feeeling with snotty raw vocals , organ anf fuzzy guitars.

We Five are alleged to be the first super group in the history of Greek Rock-Pop as they featured talented musicians who used to perform at the most popular Athenian Groups like The Idols, The Minis, The Juniors, & The Stormies. In addition members of the We Five later followed a succefull carreer in Europe with most famous Demis Roussos. We Five had a short lived carreer from 1966 to 1967

Their members were during 1966-1967:
Demis Roussos(vocals, bass, 1966-67)
Alekos Karakantas (guitar)
Spyros Metaxas(guitar, 1966-67)
Lakis Vlavianos (organ)
Makis Saliaris (drums)
Giorgos Petridis (vocals, bass, 1967)
Dimitris Katakouzinos (guitar, 1967)

Download here

Saturday 14 August 2010

Orgi (anger) - The Diamonds featuring Kostas Pavlidis

Dear Friends,

I dug this ultra rare song quite recently Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any further details about the group and this song

Not many info exist for this group, excpet from the name of the lead singer, Kostas Pavlidis. This single must be one of the rarest cuts during the 60s in Greece.

This song could be most probably was released between 1967-1969 and could be conisedered as one of the first psychedelic attempts by a Greek group. The title of the song is "Orgi" which in Greek means "Anger". The lyrics are in Greek, they are not really particular, but the nice vocal harmonies, the slow tempo farfisa on the background and the nice guitar break with the bass solo at the 3rd half of the song are really great in my opinion.

This song is a real collector's item from a 60s group not singing in English, and not coming from the UK or the USA

Download here

Saturday 3 July 2010

Los Walkers - Gloria

Dear Friends,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not having posted anything for so long.

Due to a laptop failure I have lost all material I have been gathering for years

I present you here one of my favorite covers of Them's Gloria by the Argentinian Los Walkers from 1967:
Carlos Alberto Altamirano (guitar, organ & vocals)
Roberto Jorge "Rover" (guitar)
Ignacio "Tata" (bass)
Roberto Antonio "Corre" Lopez (drums)
They released two singles in 1967: "Hold tight" b/w "Gloria" (Music Hall 30924) and "The Letter" b/w "Out of time" (Music Hall 30968), and an LP: Los Walkers (Music Hall 720). The album included three originals composed by the members of the group and covers of "Tobacco road", "The Letter", "Gloria" and "Bad Women", all garage classics.
Enjoy frenzy South American beat at one of its best

Sunday 25 April 2010

Garage Punk Unknowns

Dear friends hi,

I have returned after almost one month
Today I will post something I have download from the fantastic blog of

This is a very nice compilation with some very powerful cuts from USA garage bands

Enjoy listening

Download here

Thursday 25 March 2010

Pebbles Volume 28 (Sweden)

Dear friends,

Today I will present you a Pebbles Compilation with Swedish 60s groups
Hope you will ennjoy it

Track Listing

Side 1:

1.The Shakers: "Who Will Buy these Wonderful Eyes?" – Rel. 1967
2.The Cads: "Call My Name" – Rel. 1966
3.Los Comancheros: "It's So Right" – Rel. 1966
4.The Dee Jays: "Not that Girl"
5.The Dee Jays: "Striped Dreams" – Rel. 1967
6.The Demons: "You" – Rel. 1964
7.The Gents: "Honor Bright"
8.The Madmen: "Alfred E. Goes Surfing" – Rel. 1965

Side 2:

1.The Dee Jays: "You Must Be Joking" – Rel. 1965
2.The Slamcreepers: "Nobody" – Rel. 1966
3.The Bootjacks: "Route 66" – Rel. 1965
4.The Namelosers: "Suzie Q" – Rel. 1965
5.The Flippers: "Louie, Louie" (Richard Berry)
6.The Lea Riders Group: "Got No Woman" – Rel. 1966
7.The Lea Riders Group: "But I Am, and Who Cares?" – Rel. 1966
8.The Bootjacks: "Stoned"

Download here

Sunday 7 March 2010

Wild Things-Wyld Kiwi Garage 1966-69

Dear friends,

Today I am going to present you a wild collection with primitive sounds from New Zealand’s 60s music groups. This is a collection of 16 singles where the Kiwis compensated for their isolation with crude mania, and this has some ferocious pounders.

My favourite from this compilation is the “I can’t make a friend” by the Action with very snotty vocals and a real hunting tune. Also the 13th Floor Elevators “You’re gonna miss me”, covered by Tom Thumb is one of the most powerful covers of this all time garage-punk classic.

This compilation shows the real hunger of 60s youth to play music and express their feelings, which was the same almost all across the word.

Track List

1.La De Da's - "Don't You Stand In My Way" (2:14)
2.La De Da's - "How Is the Air Up There?" (2:32)
3.The Smoke (NZ) - "No More Now" (2:12)
4.Sandy Edmonds - "Come See Me" (2:28)
5.Crescendos - "Now She's Mine" (2:50)
6.The Action - "I Can't Make a Friend" (2:16)
7.Tom Thumb - "You're Gonna Miss Me" (2:00)
8.Tom Thumb - "I Need You" (2:06)
9.Bluestars - "Social End Product" (2:32)
10.Challenge - "The Crunch" (2:44)
11.Principals - "I Can't Stop" (2:44)
12.Pleazers - "Hurtin' All Over" (2:37)
13.Chants R&B - "I Want Her" (2:36)
14.Chants R&B - "I'm Your Witchdoctor" (2:00)
15.Chants R&B - "Neighbour Neighbour" (2:25)
16.Tomorrow's Love - "7 and 7 Is" (2:03)

Download here

Sunday 28 February 2010

Once and for all girl - The Other 4 (1966)

Dear friends hi,

Today I will post a very nice video outtake:Once and for all girl - The Other 4
I would rather say that this is more close to psychedelic pop that 60s garage.
Anyway, I think that the tune is really nice with soft harmonies and vocals, nice organ and interesting guitar on the bacground.

Here are some details I managed to find out about The Other 4 from another site

The Other 4 begun at the end of the 1960s as teen rock ‘n’ rollers the Man-Dells and came out at the other end, in reconfigured form, as psychedelic rockers the Brain Police. And, in between, they put out three 45s as the Other Four. They would continuously adapt themselves to the times without necessarily being innovators in their field, achieving local popularity in their various permutations without realizing chart success.

A well-worn trajectory for the ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll band to be sure, though the Other Four released some truly memorable 45s. “Searching for My Love,” their first 45 as the Other Four, is ringing, minor key pop straight from the Zombies and Searchers songbook. Their second - this selection - has all the right moves for 1966: commercial harmonies, mystical reserves of teenage energy, the briefly de rigueur 12-string.

The group, which consisted of Norman Lombardo (vocals, bass), Kenny Pernicano (drums, vocals), Craig Palmer (vocals, keyboards, bass) and Don Sparks (vocals, guitar) for “Once and For All Girl,” recorded the song at Hollywood’s Gold Star Studios, and, for obvious reasons, it was strong enough to attract the attention of Decca Records. To which Decca quickly set about transforming the Other Four’s manic verve into bland, fatal irrelevancy for their third and final 45, “How Do You Tell a Girl.”

Vocalist Norman Lombardo and one-time Other Four guitarist and keyboardist Rick Randle would reconvene a year or two later with a few other local San Diego musicians, self-releasing an obscure acid rock LP as the Brain Police in 1968. Incidentally, Don Sparks, who played on “Once and For All Girl,” enjoys an active career in television.

View this charming Video here

Monday 15 February 2010

Ugly Things Volume1

Today, I am going to present you a very nice compilation with raw and primitive sounds from down under.
Australia had a great production of music in the 60s and had a some groups who made international success.

My favorite song from this compilation is the opening You're Drivin' Me Insane from the Missing Links a totally minblowing song so far ahead of its time!!!

Please find below the tracks list and recording info as taken from Ugly Things

Track List

Side Track Band Name Song Title Was Version Released Recorded Original Release

1 1 The Missing Links You're Drivin' Me Insane 8/1965 Original Release

1 2 The Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You 1/1967 Original Release

1 3 The Elois By My Side 4/1967 Original Release

1 4 The Moods Rum Drunk 6/1966 Original Release

1 5 The Easybeats Goin' Out Of My Mind 11/3/1966 Original Release

1 6 The Vince Maloney Sect No Good Without You 3/1966 Original Release

1 7 The Sunsets I Want Love 7/1967 Original Release

1 8 The Wild Colonials Get The Picture 7/1966 Original Release

1 9 The Creatures Ugly Thing 12/1967 Original Release

1 10 The Cult You're Just My Kind unreleased

2 1 The Atlantics Come On 3/1967 Original Release

2 2 The D-Coys Bad Times 7/1966 Original Release

2 3 Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees Little Miss Rhythm & Blues 3/1965 Original Release

2 4 The 4 Strangers Sad & Lonely 6/1965 Original Release

2 5 The In-Sect I Can See My Love 9/1966 Original Release

2 6 The Jackson Kings Watch Your Step 3/1966 Original Release

2 7 The Running Jumping Standing Still She's So Good To Me 8/1967 Original Release

2 8 The Vacant Lot Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long 3/1967 Original Release

2 9 The Hergs Style Of Love 11/1967 Original Release

2 10 Jeff St. John & The Id Sunaroid '67 1967

Download here

Friday 5 February 2010

The Zephyrs-Something About You (1965)

Dear friends hi again,
Last month ended with a new record of visits, more than 4,000 !!!

So, with great pleasure I would like to share with you one my favorite songs from the British Invasion era, Something About You by the Zephyrs from 1965. The Zephyrs released half-a-dozen singles between 1963 and 1965 without any notable success; the only one to make the U.K. charts, "She's Lost You," topped out at a mere Number 48.

This song is a mixture, Merseybeat & Mod with a fast tune distinctive organ that has a very nice solo. It is an up-tempo song making want to shake !!!

Enjoy the video

Sunday 24 January 2010

Music Machine - The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly

Dear friends,

With great pleasure I present you a real dynamite song: Music Machine - The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly.

Do you belive that a group could play so powerful music around 1966-1967?
This song have it all: powerfull rhythm, fuzzy guitars, snotty vocals, swirling farfisa, intriguing lyrics !!!!

Enjoy viewing this awasome video !!!!