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Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Bad Vibrations of 16 USA Lost Bands

In the USA during the 60s thousands of groups were formed and recorded hundrend of thousands of Singles, EPs or LPs. In the beginning they were very much influenced by the British Invasion groups but later on they developed their unique sound in garage pop and psychedelic standards. Most of these groups remained unnknown and had only local success. But their music is still vivid until today and here I present you some great songs from 16 USA Lost Bands.
Track Listing:
1.Jim Doval & The Gaucho's - Mama Keep Yo! Big Mouth Shut
2. Wanted - Lots More Where You Came From
3. Mersey Beats U.S.A. - Nobody Loves Me That Way
4. Boys Next Door - Suddenly She Was Gone
5. Tree - Man From No Where
6. Mixed Emotions - Can't You Stop It Now
7. Colossal - Light My Fire
8. Rocks - Because We're Young
9. Dimensions - Penny
10. Gil Bateman - Wicked Love
11. Abstract Sound - I'm Trying
12. Sandmen - World Full Of Dreams
13. Monacles - Everybody Thinks I'm Lonely
14. Disciples - Junior Saw It Happen
15. Distant Sounds - It Reminds Me
16. New Chains III - The End