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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pebbles Volume 28 (Sweden)

Dear friends,

Today I will present you a Pebbles Compilation with Swedish 60s groups
Hope you will ennjoy it

Track Listing

Side 1:

1.The Shakers: "Who Will Buy these Wonderful Eyes?" – Rel. 1967
2.The Cads: "Call My Name" – Rel. 1966
3.Los Comancheros: "It's So Right" – Rel. 1966
4.The Dee Jays: "Not that Girl"
5.The Dee Jays: "Striped Dreams" – Rel. 1967
6.The Demons: "You" – Rel. 1964
7.The Gents: "Honor Bright"
8.The Madmen: "Alfred E. Goes Surfing" – Rel. 1965

Side 2:

1.The Dee Jays: "You Must Be Joking" – Rel. 1965
2.The Slamcreepers: "Nobody" – Rel. 1966
3.The Bootjacks: "Route 66" – Rel. 1965
4.The Namelosers: "Suzie Q" – Rel. 1965
5.The Flippers: "Louie, Louie" (Richard Berry)
6.The Lea Riders Group: "Got No Woman" – Rel. 1966
7.The Lea Riders Group: "But I Am, and Who Cares?" – Rel. 1966
8.The Bootjacks: "Stoned"

Download here