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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Los Walkers - Gloria

Dear Friends,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not having posted anything for so long.

Due to a laptop failure I have lost all material I have been gathering for years

I present you here one of my favorite covers of Them's Gloria by the Argentinian Los Walkers from 1967:
Carlos Alberto Altamirano (guitar, organ & vocals)
Roberto Jorge "Rover" (guitar)
Ignacio "Tata" (bass)
Roberto Antonio "Corre" Lopez (drums)
They released two singles in 1967: "Hold tight" b/w "Gloria" (Music Hall 30924) and "The Letter" b/w "Out of time" (Music Hall 30968), and an LP: Los Walkers (Music Hall 720). The album included three originals composed by the members of the group and covers of "Tobacco road", "The Letter", "Gloria" and "Bad Women", all garage classics.
Enjoy frenzy South American beat at one of its best