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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The World For Us (Compilation)

Dear friends hi again,

Today I have the pleasure to present you the compilation "The World For s" with 18 tracks recorded in several European countries betweenn 1965-1965.

Music styles vary from beat, mod, freakbeat and garage with nice guitar breaks, fuzz, organ and various weird sounds, different languages and influences from local scenes and music.

European youngsters did their miracle again !!!!!

Track List

Side 1
1 The Sad Sack Set - The World For Us (Frankfurt, Germany)
2 Roosters - Waiting For You Baby (Lulea, Sweden) *
3 The Mascots - I Want To Live (Stockholm, Sweden)
4 Group $oall - By My Side (Hillegom, Holland) *
5 The Rolling Beats - Sweeter Than You (Maastricht, Holland)
6 Les Sauterelles - Forget It All (Zurich, Switzerland)
7 Les 5 Gentlemen - Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi (Marseilles, France)
8 Goblins - We Like The Rain (Oudenbosch, Holland) *
9 Het - Allen Op Het Kerkhof (Amsterdam, Holland)

Side 2
1 The Moonjacks - Come On (Stockholm, Sweden)
2 The Moonjacks - I Remember Her Smile (Stockholm, Sweden) *
3 The Bintangs - Groovin' (Beverwijk, Holland)
4 Ragges - Make Me Love (Lulea, Sweden)
5 Les Problemes - Je Ne Vois Rien (Puteaux, France)
6 The Hound Dogs - Clarabella (Berlin, Germany)
7 The Matadors - Sing A Song Of Six Pence (Prague, Cze)
8 The Sheiks - Running For You (Amstelveen, Holland) *
9 The Humbugs - A Little Bit Time (Almelo, Holland)

Download here

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Skasiarheio - The Flyers

Dear Garage60s friends,

I present you here a garage masterpiece from Greece, Skasiarheio (Truant) - The Flyers. It is a song I've been trying to find it for ages now (I had it only in a cassette recorded from a radio show with lots of bias). I think that this would be one of the rarest 60s pop songs that have been recorded in Athens during the sixties.
Not much is known about The Flyers, who most probably hailed from Athens and most probably cut a couple of singles after 1967.
This song is sang in the Greek language, and the lyrics are about a young pupil falling in love with a young girl and in order to see her he had to play truant from school. Back in the 60s almost 50% or more of the Greek Highscools, were divided to Male and Female schools. So young adolescents had to figure many ways to be able to meet their love. So in this song, everything was solved after 9 months when school was over, and the young couple were free to see each other.

The vocals are not so great in my opinion and the lyrics quite lame (but we talk about teenage music anyway), and I wish the song was in the English language.

But the music is great with a swirling farfisa, nice guitar breaks in the appropriate sections of the composition and quite powerfull bass guitar.

I am sure you will enjoy it and appreciate a true garage gem coming out from a non speaking English teenage group