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Monday, 14 January 2008

A Forest of Gold Tops in the Land of Oz (compilation with Australian 60s psych)

A fantastic compilation with Australian 60s psych music. You will be astonished from the music and soundsthat was produced from the land of Oz. My favourite track is the trippy "Long Live Sivinanda" from the Inside Looking Out, which seems to be ahead of its time.

Track Listing

1.James Taylor Move - "Still I Can Go On" (3:05)
2.The Bucket - "I Can't Help Thinking About You" (2:30)
3.Wright of Waye - "You Can't Do It Alone" (2:45)
4.Wright of Waye - "Penelope Play" (2:31)
5.Inside Looking Out - "Morning Sun" (3:00)
6.The Proclamation - "King of the Mountain" (3:05)
7. Chris Malcolm - "Hurt, Love and Fire" (2:30)
8.Pastoral Symphony - "Sunshine Is My Sorrow" (2:24)
9.Clapham Junction - "Emily on the Grass" (2:56)
10.The Imagination - "We Got Fun" (2:39)
11.Playboys - "Black Sheep R.I.P." (2:47)
12.Playboys - "Sad" (2:58)
13.Inside Looking Out - "Long Live Sivinanda" (2:19)
14.Wright of Waye - "Sun God" (2:55)
15.Wright of Waye - "Dollar Song" (2:47)
16.Puppy - "Belinda" (2:20)
17.Puppy - "Elizabeth St. Bridge" (3:31)
18.James Taylor Move - "And I Hear the Fire Sing" (2:44)
19.The Vegetable Garden - "Even Stevens" (3:23)
20.Peter Best - "Carousel of Love" (1:48)
21.Oak Apple Day plus the Deadly Pair - "Moon Shot" (2:41)
22.The Proclamation - "Tea and Sympathy (Don't You Worry)" (2:44)
23.Mike Furber - "Watch Me Burn" (3:24)
24.Peter Tilbrook - "All Mine to Play With" (2:44)
25.Bobby and Laurie - "Every Second Day" (2:44)
26.Long Grass - "Sunshine to Burn" (2:59)

Download here: Part1 Part2


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gloz said...

Wow this is incredible...Your entire blog is amazing. Many thanks!

B said...

Hi, you will never believe this but I have been looking for the song "Belinda" for so long I thought all trace of it had vanished. You see, it was written for me. My parents were friends with the band all those years ago and named me Belinda. The Puppy then wrote that song. I used to have the single (with Elizabeth Bridge on the other side) but it disappeared with an ex-boyfriend a long time ago. I have just today discovered that it was released on this CD - A Forest of gold tops etc. but it is not in print anymore. Apparently they only made about 500 copies. Is there any way I could get a copy of the song from you? I would so love to hear it again and play it for my daughters. If you are able to help me my email address is