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Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Beatniks (singles 1968)

Passing through various configurations, the Beatniks first name was Analphabeatles and changed their name because there were bands using the same name in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. They were formed in 1965, injected Beatlemania in the programs 'Young Guard'(Jovem Guarda), presented by Roberto Carlos on TV Record, and' The Good ', headed by Eduardo Araujo, and on TV Excelsior (SP), Channel 9.
The band Betniks, when not accompanying the singer Ingrid Domingueiras also played in Sao Paulo and famous concerts promoted by Rhodia / Fenit.

After flirting with the beat European "culture" of psychedelia,that emerged around the world in 68, they recorded one of the most beautiful versions of Gloria, from Van Morrisson’s Them, for the Mocambo label.

With Bogo, guitar, vocal and the band head thinking; Marcio, guitar and voice; Nene, down, then Incredibles, and Nino Graves' Tired of Waiting "and" The Empty Place ', originally released on compact 66, by CBS. And then the Mocambo in 68, 'Because I was a boy who I loved The Beatles and The Rolling Stones' and' Outside Chance ', a version of the Turtles.

They recorded in the famous double-single, also in Mocambo in 68, with 'Gloria,' 'Fire', (Jimi Hendri’x original) 'I find you' and 'Alligator Hat' .

My favorite track here is 'Alligator Hat' which is an extremely powerful track full of snarling guitars and vocals.

01. Glória
02. Fire
03. Eu te Encontro
04. Alligator Hat
05. Era um Rapaz que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles e Os Rolling Stones
6. Outside Chance


Kevin Anthony said...

Spyros--thank you for posting this music-I got inspired and started my own psychedelic music stream-if you want to listen I can send you the link to the station, Thanks again...

Kevin Anthony

Kevin Anthony said...

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