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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Serge Gainsbourg-C'est la cristallisation-1967

Dear Bloggers,
I want to wish you Merry Christmas

Here I will post a Video Clip that is not garage, but I think that is really ultra cool from the 60s era.
I present you Serge Gainsburg-C'est la cristallisation from 1967 from the movie "Anne".
The song seems more like a dialogue between the actors in French swinging 60s night club.
Serge Gainsb0urg, one of the coolest composers and not only...


Marilyn Roxie said...

Just been getting into his music, and hadn't heard this song before...great post!
~Marilyn Roxie

Plante said...

I think the movie is called "anna" instead of "anne".

Plante said...

Do you know if this song is in any gainsbourg's LP?

Spyros said...

Hi Plante,

This song can be found at:

1. Gainsbourg, Vol. 9: Anna B.O.F., 1967 1976 1980 (same versionas the video clip)
2. Anna (1965 Film) (a previous version)


Anonymous said...

On this clip appear Eddy Mitchell , a famous french rocker and Jean Claude Brialy , a french actor (now deceased). This video is an excerpt from a movie made for the french television in 1967 : Anna. The original soundtrack is quite impossible to find now , but the LP has been released on CD. In the 66-68 period,Gainsbourg was much inspired by the "London sound" : that gave interesting LP's like "Initials BB " and "Bonnie and Clyde ".