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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Marina-George Romanos 1968

Dear friends,

With great pleasure I present you Marina from George Romanos which was issued in 1968.

This is a fantastic song and can be considered as the first Greek psychedelic song. The lyrics are quite haunted, odd and moody while the music arrangement is fantastic.

Music was composed and lyrics were written by George Romanos, a singer and compser mainly in the era of the Greek "Neo Kyma" (trans: new wave) in the middle 60s combining Greek folk music with ballads. Later at the end of 1969 early 1970 George Romanos recorded a fantastic rock record "Dyo Mikra Galazia Aloga" (trans: two small blue horses), and then he left for France where he continued his carreer.

Please note that the music had been arranged by Vangelis Papathanasiou and his Orchestra just a few months before the formation of Aphrodite's Child in France during 1968.
In my opinion it is great song that really worths to dig it !!!

Here are the lyrics:

I Marina mou gennithike mes' s' ena triantafillo
pou to' kapse o keravnos
mia nihta

I agapi mou megalose mes' s' ena spiti apo harti
pou to' skisan o anemos
ke mia tholi vrohi.

I agapi mou me kitaxe mes' apo prasino giali
ke ide ena sinnefo
Perpatisame mazi
ki imaste mia skia
se mia limni makrini
pou' he mavra nera
ke onira

I agapi mou m' agapise pano se petres ke fito
ke gelase sto dilino

I agapi mou polemise ke nikise olous tous ehthrous
ki o kosmos tin agkaliase me mia krifi fotia

Ma i Marina mou kremastike apo t' asteria t' ouranou
giati ena vradi xehasa
ena fili


My Marina was born inside a rose
that was burned by lightning
one night.

My love grew up inside a house
made of paper,
torn by the wind
and muddy rain.

My love looked at me through a piece of green glass
and saw a pale cloud.

We walked together
and we were a shadow
on a far away lake
with dark waters
and dreams.

My love loved me on stones and [a] plant
and cruelly laughed at the twilight.

My love fought and defeated all the enemies
and the world embraced her
with a hidden fire.

But my Marina hanged herself from the stars of the sky
because one evening I forgot
a kiss.


Anonymous said...

Great site thanks
A track is missing on Highs In Mid Sixties vol 1, The 4 Making Do
Cheers !!

Brn eV. said...

Thank you very much.
Marina is the name of my sweet girl.