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Monday, 8 June 2009

Fiori & Colori: Beat Psichedelico 1967-1969

Late 1966 and 1967, found British and American groups on moving to more complexed and experimental music forms.
Certainly this new development couldn'f leave without influence music groups in other countries as well. Italy was one of these countries and this compilation brings you some samples of the Italian psychedelic scene between 1967-1969 who later eveolved to the Italian Progressive scene of that raly and mid seventies.
Songs in this complation are full of sitar, wah wah guitars, mellotron, strange sounds and vocals.
For sure a compilation that really woths to dig, as it is not coming from the traditional British or American 60s psychedelic scenes.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool blog. I was doing research on what 60's bands used what combo organ, and I stumbled across your site.

I'm a midday air personality at, an underground rock radio station on the net, that plays most of what you've got on your blog.

I will certainly tell my listeners about this site- way cool!

Liz Boyle

Anonymous said...

Hey a new post! long time since you posted anything. hope ur back for awhile. el gato

Dig It Out! said...

great album thanks!

Anonymous said...


This file seems to be empty, can you reupload it?


Spyros said...


I have tried to downloaded myself and doesn't seem empty
Please try again

Kind regards

Ανδρέας Βαραγγούλης / Andreas Varagoulis said...

I'd be grateful if you could re-upload this.

Spyros Pantazis said...

I am terribly sorry but I no longer have it in my hard disk due to a recent crash

I will try to re-locate it from the web, download it and re-uploaded to garage60s blog