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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Shake Per Sempre-Toni Pinelli (1965)

During the 60s, Italian and French songs were very popular in Greece.

Many Greek Groups were singing covers or their own material in Italian or French as well, among with the english language (after 1966 they started their own material in Greek).

So, a lot a well known or not famous artists especially from Italy, came to Greece for some live appearances in the Athenian Night Clubs. Some of them, the most famous, even recorded their Italian hits in the Greek language as well.

One of the infamous Italian artists who came to Greece and became famous was Toni Pinelli. Toni Pinelli had an excellent voice and recorded both in Itlaian and Greek language. He was more famous for singing love songs. But he also sang some real shakin' tunes.

So, I present you here one of them, the Shake Per Sepmpre from 1965.

This outage has been taken from the Greek Movie "Yie Mou, Yie Mou" (My Son, My Son), a Comedy with a father and a son fallining in for the same women.

It is a real up tempo beat song, with a real shakin tune that is shouting "come and dance", which coould be considered as being really close to the Garage Music Standards. It has been composed by George Theodosiadis (real jazz composer).

Enjoy the Video


Anonymous said...

.. a great, underrated and overseen gem (and the video's great , too)

thanks lot and all the best from Milano


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