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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Churchill's - Churchill's (Israel 1968)

Dear friends hi again from your garage60s friend

Today I am not going to present you something that is purely garage. I am going to present you one of the most sought after lps coming from a non English speaking country
Here are the Churchill's from Israel and their omonymous album Churchill's from 1968

The Churchill’s were formed in 1965, at Tel Aviv in Israel, and they got disbanded in 1971 at London

The Churchills' sole album is above average for a rare psychedelic late-'60s obscurity, and an important document as the only Israeli psychedelic record to achieve even a bit of an international cult. The albub is influenced by both West Coast psychedelia and late-'60s British hard rock, and spacy lyrics. Some tracks are also influenced by Middle Eastern sounds, as on "Subsequent Final," a mandolin tune which sounds like the Electric Prunes “Sold to the Highest Bidder”.

My favourite track is the down tempo and dreamy “Song from the Sea” with its very nice fuzzy guitar.

Yitzhak "Churchill" Klepter (guitar, 1965-67),
Selvin Lifshiz (vocals, 1965-67),
Amy Triebitch (drums, 1965-71),
Haim Romano (various guitars, mandolin, vocals, 1965-71),
Miki Gavrielov (bass, vocals, 1965-71),
Robb Huxley (various guitars, vocals, 1967-71),
Stan Solomon (vocals, 1967-70),
Danny Shoshan (vocals, 1970-71)

01 - Open Up Your Eyes
02 - Song From The Sea
03 - Pictures In My Mind
04 - Comics
05 - Where You're Gone
06 - Strangulation
07 - Straight People
08 - Subsequent Final
09 - So Alone Today
10 - Debka
Bonus tracks:
11 - Living Loving
12 - Signs Of You
13 - She's A Woman
14 - Sunshine Man

Download here


Anonymous said...

this is the best blog in the world please non stop. I love you.

wilthomer said...

Brilliant stuff, I've got "Debka" on a sitar comp and it's a gas! One of their earlier singles, a cover of the Tornados "vocal" # "Too Much In love To Hear" graced one of the "Strange Things Are Happenings" "Circus Days" CD comps (VOl. Two I believe) and it's well worth seeking out.