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Friday, 7 January 2011

Wind and Sea by the Sunsets

Dear Friends Happy New Year !!!

Let's start this year witth a very nice Surf Tune: Wind and Sea by the Sunsets (Australia)

This Novocastrian combo originally gigged as the Strangers (not to be confused with the Melbourne group of the same name) in 1964 playing Surf music, sometime later they retitled themselves as The 4 Strangers and had an instrumental release on the Astor label in late ’64, before showing their true indentity around a year later with another release on the Festival label.
Another name change came about in late ’65 when radio station 2HD ran a competition for people to choose another name, the winning name was of course The Sunsets.
Pigeonholed as a surf band due to music that they provided for the film “A Life in the Sun”, this disc sold incredibly well – their style was raw r’n'b!
Around May ’67 they did a three month residency at Digby’s nightspot on the Gold Coast, it is here that they were influnece by other styles of music and probably drugs too. With these new influences they moved to Sydney again around Sept 1967 and became Tamam Shud. Bass player Eric Connell being disappointed that the group moved away from the r’n'b style that they had embraced for three years previously duely left.

Band Members
Lindsay Bjerre – vocals & rhythm guitar
Alex “Zack” Zytnik- lead guitar
Dannie Davidson – drums
Eric Connell – bass


Paul Weller Man UK said...

Is there anything on here about the flamin Groovies? and have you checked out the cappuccino smooth tones of 'The Action' on here yet?

Not scanned your whole site yet.. but looking for a shortcut!

Anonymous said...

Geia !!! anarotiomun mhpws to exeis to windansea na to katevasume apo kapou !!! eyxaristw :)

Spyros Pantazis said...

Unfortunately I don't have it anywhere.

But you can convert Youtube videos to mp3.
You can use either this site or this one

Kind regards

Spyros Pantazis said...

Dear friend unfortunately I do not have anything related to the Flamin Groovies