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Monday, 18 February 2008

Los Gatos Salvajes

This is a great compilation about this Argentinian band containing wild beat, great balads, nice touches of a wild dose of garage, in simple lyrics. The band initially was called the Wild Cats, then they`ve changed the name to Los Gatos Salvajes, the played between 1964 and 1967 before they became Los Gatos which were quite succesful.

They performed their songs in Spanish and my favorites from this compilation are Yo Soy El Major, and Quien Vendra Por Mi which are pure garage tracks with harmonica and wild farfrisa.

Download Here:


Jack Brando said...

I began seeking psych music in the late 80's of course i found mostly US and UK stuff, but over the last 20 some years it has grown to reach all countries and i am finding some of the international flare to be quite mind bending. I'll list some on my site soon. I've never heard of these wildcats or Los Gatos Salvajes. Are they on any compilations that you know of?


Spyros said...

Dear friend JB hi,

I think that this is the complete discography of Los Gatos Salvajes as they later evolved to the Los Gatos. The Los Gatos sound was different more mature and less primitive and less enthousiastic but made Los Gatos more popular around Argentina.
There is one Los Gatos Salvajes song in the World Beaters Vol.3 (but this song exists also in this LP)