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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Rare Mexican Cuts from the 60s

Please dig on this compilation with Rare Mexican Cuts from 60s. All tracks are sung in Spanish , are versions of well known songs from the UK and the USA from this era and have a garage-frat rock feeling. My favorite is the Los Monstruos version of the Pretty Things's "mama keep your big mouth shut". You can also pay attetntion the Los Rockin Devils version of the Doors original "Hello I love you" which is transformed to a pure garage song, while the "Hey Joe" by the Locs del Ritmo is another extremely intresting version of this extremely popular composition among 60s garge bands all over the world.

Track List
1 Los Locos Del Ritmo - Pedro Pistolas (Peter Gunn Theme)
2 Los Anis - Mary Mary
3 Los Apson - Satisfaction
4 Los Monstruos - El Monstruo (Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut)
5 Los Apson - Susie Q
6 Los Johnny Jets - Fiebre (Fever)
7 Miguel Angel & Los Sharps - Gloria
8 Los Belmont - Arriba Abajo y a Los Lados (Over Under Sideways Down)
9 Los Rockin' Devils - Halo Que Tal (Hello, I Love You)
10 Los Locos Del Ritmo - Hey Joe
11 Los Yaki - Juan Saltarin (Jumpin' Jack Flash)
12 Los Johnny Jets - Deja DeLlorar (Everything Is Alright)
13 Los Johnny Jets - Cool Jerk
14 Los Ovnis - Pequena Ayuda De Mama (Mother's Little Helper)
15 Los Johnny Jets - Bajate De Mi Nube (Get Off Of My Cloud)


kdj said...

Thank You! I had this album and it vanished a few years back (loaned out, lost in a move ... who knows) Since then I've been on a hunt to find another copy. Will still be my quest at record shops - but until then so glad to find it here.

Wesley said...

just started listening to this one, but already sounds very cool. thx for the upload!

Anonymous said...

Please upload again. Link doesn't work anymore.

Spyros said...

Here is a new link:

Rashid said...

I just get an error message because I'm a free user and not a premium user. Also is there a way to get this in a format other than rar?

Anonymous said...

rapidshare is worth every penny! this mex cd -i bet los straitjackets knows about every band here-that one guy collects this stuff!