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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Conquer the World Vols 1 & 2

Conquer the world volumes 1 & 2 bring you 36 tracks from all over the world. Music in the sixties may have been dominated by anglo-speaking groups in commercial terms. But the pheanomenon of Beatles and Rolling Stones inspired thousands of young teenagers throughout the world who created music groups and gained loacal or national success. The two volumes of this compilation bring you 60s music in pop, beat, garage and freakbeat styles from countries such as Sweden, Philippines, South Africa, Luxemburg, Turkey, Singapoore, Spain, Greece, Norway, Chile, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Peru, Brazil, Israel, Belgium, France, Mexico and Lebannon.

Conquer the World Vol 1 :
1 United Nation - The Daily News (Stockholm, Sweden) *2 Ronnie King & The Passions - Girl Break Away (Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.)3 Eddie Peregrina & The Blinkers - Love For Sale (Manila, Philippines) *4 The Hobos - Hasie (Cape Town, South Africa) *5 Eric Thomace & The Chaps - You're Untrue (Luxembourg) *6 Baris Manco & Les Mistrigis - Bien Fait Por Toi (Turkey) *7 The Straydogs - Mum's Too Pampering (Singapore) *8 The Crescendoes - Minnie The Moocher (U.K.) *9 The Luvin' Kind - That Jungle Sun (Winnipeg, Canada) *10 Los Archiduques - Lamento de gaitas (Spain)11 The M.G.C. - Blame The Talent In The Family (Athens, Greece) *12 Asa & 1-2-6 - I'm Poisoned (Bodo, Norway) *13 Trailers - Don't Laugh (You'll Cry) (Singapore) *14 Los Angeles Salvajes - Sicodelico (Chile) *15 L.S.D. Orkestrasi - Donmeyen Sevgili (Turkey) *16 The Tempters - Kamisama Onegai (Saitama, Japan)

Conquer the World Vol 2:
1 Os Epaciais - Your Turn To Cry (Portugal) * 2 The Divorced - A Real Man (Sarpsborg, Norway) * 3 The Gents Inc. - Boy's Waiting For A Girl (Germany) * 4 Sangre Negra - Saturday Women (Lima, Peru) * 5 Reggie Norton & The Ideas - Take It Easy (Australia) * 6 Suely & Os Kantikus - Que Bacana (Sao Paulo, Brazil) * 7 The Deverons - Farmer John (Winnipeg, Canada) * 8 The Streaplers - Bad Tough Luck Girl (Gothenburg, Sweden) * 9 The Stylers - Mrs. Seelo (Singapore) * 10 The Fat & The Thin - I'm A Travelin' Man (Tel Aviv, Israel) * 11 The Explosion - Sunlight (Belgium) * 12 Trailers - Quiver (Singapore) * 13 Les Jets - La Cornemuse (France) * 14 The Nite Watchmen - I'm Gonna Lose My Mind (Findlay, OH, U.S.A.) * 15 Lee Grant & The Capitols - Don't Cry Baby (U.K.) * 16 Los Brujos - Solo Quiero Amor (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) * 17 Terry Dean & The Nitebeats - If I Can (Auckland, New Zealand) 18 Los Loud Jets - Sand (Mexico) * 19 Los Syn - Chica Tiιntame (Chile) * 20 Simon C. Edwards & His Soul Set - The Way I Do (Lebanon)


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sweetbeats said...

Great Blog just going to download the Conquer the World Vols 1 & 2,

Keep up the good work.


Rocket_radio said...

arghhh ... sounds very good ... but it looks like the lonk isn't working anymore ... if you could post again ...?
Great blog !

Spyros said...

Thank you for letting me know

I will try and repost both albums

Kind regards

Spyros said...

I have found new links in order to download both compilations
Apologies for not having re-uploaded on a link of my own but I am too busy this period

L said...

Many thanks - this looks great. Can't wait to listen. Quite an amazing blog; so many gems from the 60s.