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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Swamp Rats (1966)

Without doubt one of the most awaited Reissues & comps of the century! You don't know THE SWAMP RATS? This band was the loudest 60s band EVER!! IJust listen to the first track on this 13 track album, „louie louie"...which is one of the punkiest, most outrageous versions you have heard so the clue..this band was around in 1966-1967!!! I was just thinking about being at one of their shows in the 60's & hearing their incredible loud proto-Punk, their fuzzed out orgies, their wild sound! Man, listen to their version of THE SONICS' „psycho"...a manifest of raunchy rock'n roll..or that true monster-fuzz in THE SPARKLINGS „no friend of mine"..or the wildest ever version of THE LEAVES „hey joe"!!!! Of course..and everybody needs a rest, there are also some more mellow tracks on this...but...Punk rock NEVER became louder than here..and it was it

Track List
1. Louie, Louie
2. Hey Freak
3. She's Got Everything
4. I'm Going Home
5. Hey Joe
6. It's Not Easy [Version 1]
7. No Friend of Mine
8. Till the End of the Day
9. In the Midnight Hour
10. Here, There and Everywhere
11. Tobacco Road
12. Psycho
13. It's Not Easy [Alternate Version]
14. Untitled
15. Untitled
16. Untitled


theelongplayer said...

Wow! Thank you! Great blog.
And the Swamp Rats have the best "Louie Louie" version I know... Although I love the Flamin' Groovies cover.

ksn said...

hey there - wonderful blog, just came across it and now scanning through to see what i'm missing. i'll be sure to check in often.

as a thanks-in-advance, here's the monks 1965 'black monk time', which i think you'll really, really dig.

you might remember them from the Nuggets Artyfacts compilation (CD4,track 15). Hendrix was a fan, they blew bands like the Kinks off the stage, but, at least until recently, they’ve been forgotten.
plenty of info on them on the net...

cheers from nyc,

Spyros said...

Thank you KSN

The Monks were a very powerful group.


ksn said...

my pleasure. regards to athens, haven't been there for many years.


Anonymous said...

hello Spyros,
I just found your blog - how great!
I'm currently reading through all of your old entries and listening to all of the music you have been kind enough to share - I really appreciate the obvious effort you put into this.
Keep up the good work.