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Friday, 15 August 2008

Blog Update

Dear 60s garage-psychedelic friends,

Please accept my apologies for not having posted anything for 3 months. Heavy workload didn't allow me to upload any music from the sixties.

Now I am back and promise to upload and share with you more regularly our favourite, garage, freakbeat, psychedelic and other obscure and hard to find type of music from our favourite decade.

60s garage is back

Enjoy !!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being back and sharing! says Pnoom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being back, I missed your Blog! says Pnoom

Anonymous said...

no apologies
it's your life !!!

just thanks for add
& a big for come back

all the best

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming back! I just recently stumbled upon your blog after searching for psychedelic music from the sixties and, man oh man, you have an excellent site and great taste in music. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

you rule dude this blog is awesome!

alex said...

Hey, you came back, and I appreciate that. Keep it up, please!!!

Wayne Wargo said...

I really like this site. I like any music from the 60's. It's always enjoyable to find a 60's music site that looks nice.

Anonymous said...

yes... luv this post :)