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Sunday, 17 January 2010

People of Tyme (canadian 60s)

Dear Friends hi,

This is the first post for 2010, and its by a demand from a garage60s blog reader who wished to see more garage punk songs coming from French speaking groups

So here I present you a compilation with Canadian groups from the sixties where the majority of the songs is in French langauage.

Ecoutez !!!!!!

Track List

1. People of Time - Simple Simon
2. Mon Amour - Les Wild Ones
3. They Say - Les 409
4. Si Chopin - Les Bel Kanto
5. Little White Lies - Painted Ship
6. Jeune Fille De Couvent - Les Comtes Harbourg
7. Cause I Believe - Michael & The French Canadians
8. J’en Ai Assez - Les Dabsters
9. I Can’t Go On - M.G. & The Escorts
10. Mademoiselle Yeye - Les Serf
11. Not My Kind - Denis Pantis
12. Cheveux Blonds Et Pantalons - Les Asteks
13. 8 O’Clock This Morning - Haunted
14. Pour Toi - Les Saturnes 4
15. Brainwashed - David Clayton Thomas
16. Tu N’es Pas Singere - Alex Fontaine
17. She’s Your Lover - Deverons
18. Je T’ Aime - Les Differents
19. I’m Losing Tonight - A Passing Fancy
20. Tot Mes Copains - Les Cyclones
21. I Need You Baby - Bohemians
22. Mary Lee - Rejean & Fawcons
23. Faded Colors - Stonemen
24. Ailleurs Et Ici - Les Notables
25. It’s A Hard Life - Ultimate Image
26. Monsieur Jean - Yvon Bonneville

Download here


Anonymous said...

nice collection, thank you very much! Bill

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Anonymous said...

glad to have u back. this looks very promising. thanks so much. roger

Esmenard Victor said...

I really love those french canadian covers. I knew this comp but it's a great pleasure to listen to it again.

Thank you very much :)

Son of Spam said...

I have this collection on CD (and lo and behold, I wuz gonna post it on my blog, but you beat me to the punch, lol!).

Anyway, I also thought the majority of the songs were in French until I took a good look at the track list and found the songs are exactly evenly split among the 26 songs: 13 in English, 13 in French. And deviously, the producers alternated between each song.

Too bad there's no further information on the cover as to who was responsible for putting this collection together, nor any liner notes.

Keep up the good work on your blog!

S.ébastien said...

Quebec's best! This collection is the work of Montreal's famous connaisseur Denis, from Le Pick-Up. He also put out the Ultra-Chick serie and the Rumble comp on LP during the 80's.

Check out my blog for more obscure Quebec stuff.

FunkaHolic said...

It's down =/ Can you plz reupp ? Would be great!

Spyros Pantazis said...

Dear FunkaHolic the link is up again
You may try and download now
Best regards