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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wrenchin The Wires vol.1 & 2

Dear frinds hi,

Let me present a collection with 2 volumes with Polish 60s groups
Not much is known about the 60s music scene from countries from the what so called Eastern Block. The 60s music revolution didn't leave any part of the world without influence

The 2 volumes of this collection brings very fine beat, pop, garage tunes from Poland. Some material is original, some material is cover from well known 60s hits, and some songs are in Polish language and other songs in English.
The material is really good and some groups seem to have a very professional approach. Check the liner notes attached where you can read some brief details regarding the groups' stories.

Enjoy Listening this unique compilation

Track List

Part One
Wild 60's Bloc-busters from Poland

Side 1
1 Dzikusy - Piastelsi
2 Polanie - I'm Crying
3 Bardowie - Rudy Pies
4 Piec Linii - Jesien
5 Chocholy - Nadazyc Chce
6 Passaty - Nowy Wstaje Dzien
7 Pesymisci - She's Not There

Side 2
1 Polanie - A Ty Pocalujesz Mnie
2 Dzikusy - Nie Bede Z Toba Dluzej
3 Czerwone Gitary - I'm Down
4 Pesymisci - Plotki
5 Bardowie - Stary Zolw
6 Chocholy - Uwierz Mi
7 Blackout - Daj Psu Kosc

Part Two
14 Party's organ-led Curtain-rippers from Poland

Side 1
1 Chocholy - Nascie Lat
2 Dzikusy - Niefortunny Podrywacz
3 Dzikusy - Stale To Samo
4 Czarne Golfy - Podrywacze
5 Kawalerowie - Jeszcze Nie Wiem Nic O Tobie
6 The Phantoms - Hey Girl
7 Blackout - Czy Znasz Ten Zwyczaj

Side 2
1 Czerwono-Czarni - Good Lovin'
2 Trubadurzy - Chociaz Na Chwile Przyjdz Do Mnie
3 Kawalerowie - Nigdy Juz Nie Wolaj Mnie
4 Niebiesko-Czarni - Nocny Alarm
5 Polanie - Can You Hear Me
6 Czarne Golfy - Osiemnascie Lat
7 Pesymisci - Nie Powiem Ci Juz Nic

Download Here Volume 1

Download Here Volume 2


Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read articles like that. BTW add more pics :)

Colt McCoy said...

thanks for this comp