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Monday, 15 February 2010

Ugly Things Volume1

Today, I am going to present you a very nice compilation with raw and primitive sounds from down under.
Australia had a great production of music in the 60s and had a some groups who made international success.

My favorite song from this compilation is the opening You're Drivin' Me Insane from the Missing Links a totally minblowing song so far ahead of its time!!!

Please find below the tracks list and recording info as taken from Ugly Things

Track List

Side Track Band Name Song Title Was Version Released Recorded Original Release

1 1 The Missing Links You're Drivin' Me Insane 8/1965 Original Release

1 2 The Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You 1/1967 Original Release

1 3 The Elois By My Side 4/1967 Original Release

1 4 The Moods Rum Drunk 6/1966 Original Release

1 5 The Easybeats Goin' Out Of My Mind 11/3/1966 Original Release

1 6 The Vince Maloney Sect No Good Without You 3/1966 Original Release

1 7 The Sunsets I Want Love 7/1967 Original Release

1 8 The Wild Colonials Get The Picture 7/1966 Original Release

1 9 The Creatures Ugly Thing 12/1967 Original Release

1 10 The Cult You're Just My Kind unreleased

2 1 The Atlantics Come On 3/1967 Original Release

2 2 The D-Coys Bad Times 7/1966 Original Release

2 3 Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees Little Miss Rhythm & Blues 3/1965 Original Release

2 4 The 4 Strangers Sad & Lonely 6/1965 Original Release

2 5 The In-Sect I Can See My Love 9/1966 Original Release

2 6 The Jackson Kings Watch Your Step 3/1966 Original Release

2 7 The Running Jumping Standing Still She's So Good To Me 8/1967 Original Release

2 8 The Vacant Lot Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long 3/1967 Original Release

2 9 The Hergs Style Of Love 11/1967 Original Release

2 10 Jeff St. John & The Id Sunaroid '67 1967

Download here


Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Scott Salsman said...

Hey, I really enjoyed this collection on the plane last weekend. Thanks a lot for posting!

Anonymous said...

these are sou some of the finest garage cuts i've ever heard. nice and loud!
thank you so much