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Friday, 5 February 2010

The Zephyrs-Something About You (1965)

Dear friends hi again,
Last month ended with a new record of visits, more than 4,000 !!!

So, with great pleasure I would like to share with you one my favorite songs from the British Invasion era, Something About You by the Zephyrs from 1965. The Zephyrs released half-a-dozen singles between 1963 and 1965 without any notable success; the only one to make the U.K. charts, "She's Lost You," topped out at a mere Number 48.

This song is a mixture, Merseybeat & Mod with a fast tune distinctive organ that has a very nice solo. It is an up-tempo song making want to shake !!!

Enjoy the video


Anonymous said...

Cool video. thanks for sharing. buddy

Voice of the people said...

I like this,shame it didnt go anywhere as they seem to be a good group.

S.ébastien said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey does anyone like Gerry and the Pacemakers?

wilthomer said...

Great clip, I believe it was shot in London's mod club "The Scene". It also got a U.S. release on Rotate.

Olli said...

Far too many good group never had any major success or had one or two big hits then nothing. The competition was so fierce and the public so fickle. Nothing much changes does it.

Anonymous said...

Love it

Garrie Coleman said...

Random: the guitarist in this band was a childhood friend and next door neighbour of my Dad's.