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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Nickel Bag - The Woods, 1966

The Nickel Bag - The Woods, 1966

The Nickel Bag (ex Night Owls)


Music beats for free said...

i like this song, the lyrics and beats are and my mates are planning to cover 5 songs including this


Andy Young* said...

Hi there,
Fabulous blog. Lots of information and images. Love them.

Singapore had it's 60s music scene too.


Michelle Elizabeth said...

Ohh I love finding other 60s blogs!

morgadob said...

Check out my blog about Arthur Brown! Another famous sixties musician. I am collaborating a ton of information about him, it is phenomenal!

Uncle Tomato said...


Do you know this 60s song? Had a Spector-ish chorus-

My fly high
fly by
My fly high
fly by


Thank you,