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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Mind Goes High

This time we continue our trip into the 60s with a very nice compilation of psycehedelia from the USA, mostly from West Coast Bands.

Here you will find bands and songs that are rare, but also more known bands and songs, and even more commercial bands like The Monkees or The Association who were influenced by this scene.

Nice melodies & tunes, and good performances are the strogest elements of this compilation. Maybe you will not find so obscure tunes like in other similar compilations, but in this one you can dig the sound of this 60s era. For sure it worths to be in evert collector's personal collection.

Here follows a list with all Bands and Tracks:

1. Hallucinations - Knight, Baker & The Knightmares
2. It`s Love - Misty Wizards
3. Break Away - Next Exit
4. Looking At A Baby - Collectors
5. Her Name Is Melody - Pride, Adrian
6. Pandora`s Golden Heebie Jeebies - Association
7. Lantern Gospel - World Column
8. Who Planted Thorns In Miss Alice`s Garden - Northcott, Tom
9. Man Of Straw - Wonderling, John
10. White Pony - Marguiles, Ellen
11. Straight Aero - Thomas, Jeff
12. My Mind Goes High - MC2
13. Hell Will Take Care Of Her - Brass Buttons
14. Lucifer - Salt
15. Strangers From The Sky - Fowley, Kim
16. Antique Doll - Electric Prunes
17. Astrologically Incompatible - Bonniwell Music Machine
18. How Nice - Tokens
19. Sign Of The Queen - Harrison, Noel
20. That`s The Way It`s Gonna Be - Mallory, Lee
21. House Of Glass - Glass Family
22. Wildflowers - Holy Mackerel
23. Porpoise Song - Monkees
24. Smell Of Incense - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Download here


hotrodmike said...

Wow, quite a few I've never heard before. Thanks for this great share.

exarhis said...

Hello there,
I hope you have heard of unknown passage from Amyntaio Florina Greece :)
The lp si there!
Its not 60's its 90's but s garage at the fucking best.

Anonymous said...

this isn't my mind goes high, this ones called "Hallucinations,psychedelic nuggets from the WEA vaults" i've got the cd and it's great!

Anonymous said...

Just found a vinyl copy of The Great Scots - Arrive! on eBay for £1... Here's the link if anyone's interested...

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER weekend !

apollojams said...

Anonymous? Basically the same comp, with a 1-song difference. Hallucinations- Psychedelic Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults
[coll, 2004, Rhino Handmade cd 7821, w/Coronados as track 19].
My Mind Goes High- Psychedelic Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults
[coll, 2005, WEA [uk] cd 274708, w/Noel Harrison as track 19]. I have both [bought them thinking they were 2 diff. comps!], so when i ripped it for mobile use, i combined both to create ONE 25 track comp with everything! Hope this clarifies.

dj trish said...

Wow lots a groovy stuff on here man!Trish

garage kit said...

Great kind of music! \m/

Peg Board said...

I download all 24 songs and like it. I search these songs ans also download previous but see on blog again download these.pegboard

Bill Stewart said...

I used to love playing with my friends i our garage in Ottawa. Good memories.